FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Below you can find answers to most frequently asked questions.

Do you sell sweets only with promotional branding?

Yes, our sweets are intended for the advertising market only. We do not sell our items as retail products and we do not use the usual retail venues, such as grocery stores and supermarkets, for distribution. If you visit our headquarters in Milanówek, you can find a showroom with our top selling products, but you can’t buy them immediately on the spot without placing an order beforehand.

What is the minimum order quantity?

Each item has an individually set MOQ; you can find it in the product’s description on our website. For example, the minimum order quantity for fudges is 5 kg, and 500-1000 pieces for the small chocolates.

Do you work with private individuals?

Yes. Our offer is created first and foremost for companies, firms and institutions, with their needs and expectations at the core of our enterprise. However, we do accept orders from private individuals (for example, for weddings or other family events) as long as as they are for item quantities no smaller than described on our website. Please remember that with orders placed by clients with no VAT EU tax number, the VAT tax will be added to their invoice.

Do you work with advertising agencies / resellers?

Yes. Resellers are an important part of our client base, and we have created several tools to make cooperating with us easier for them. You can learn more about these solutions in the “For Resellers” section of our website.

How can I learn about your prices?

Our office staff will send you individually-prepared price offer tailored to your needs that include other important information about your potential order, such as lead time, item shelf life, etc. To receive an offer, contact us by using our online contact form or by clicking the “Add to inquiry” button on the desired item’s page. We have also created an additional quick price access tool for our reseller partners. You can learn more about it in the “For Resellers” section of our website. To ensure the highest quality of our services, we do not give our prices over the telephone.

Do you sell and deliver your products to countries other than Poland?

Yes. We are happy to work with clients from all countries of the European Union, as well as Switzerland and Norway. Our transport partners can deliver parcels and pallets to nearly all locations within these countries. To receive detailed information about our products and how to order them, please contact our Export Manager Beata Dymna (beata@promotionalsweets.pl).

How do you deliver the ordered products?

We are partnered with UPS Poland for transporting parcels and Raben Logistics Poland for transporting pallets. When using parcels for delivery, we can send your products to the vast majority of locations within countries belonging to the European Union and the European Economic Area. For most of these addressess, we also offer express air transport and delivery with guaranteed arrival before a specified time of the day (delivery time and the availability of the additional options depends on the postal code of the delivery address). Transport time for pallet services also depends on the country and the exact adress of delivery. You are also free to arrange the transport on your own using any transport company you choose. We can prepare your items for pick-up at our headquarters in Milanówek, 30 km south-west of Warsaw.

How do you brand your products?

The two most common methods of branding / personalisation for our products are digital and offset printing. We also use flexographic print for items with foil packaging. Many of our products with cardboard boxes can also be branded by embossing or hot-stamping instead of printing. For wooden boxes, we use laser engraving.

What is the warranty time for your products?

Because our items are food products, each ordered batch has a distinct “best before” date that also serves as a warranty period. The standard shelf life for each of our items can be found in its description on our website. Please remember that long-term storage of food products must take place under appropriate conditions; the most important of which are controlled and regularly recorded temperature and air humidity. Such records are very important documents when filing a potential complaint with us.

How does your discount system work?

The main factor in determining what kind of discount can we give you is the size of your order – our pricelist is designed in a way where the unit cost drops the more pieces / kilograms of our items you buy. We also have a special discount program for resellers.

What are the elements of your price offers?

Our standard offers include three components:

– unit cost (which depends on the chosen item and its quantity)

– set up cost (which mostly depends on the chosen printing / branding method

– transport cost (which depends on the chosen delivery method, exact address, special wishes of the client, etc.)

The unit cost is always charged. Set up cost does not apply if the order is repeated without any changes to the previously used graphic artwork. The transport cost does not apply if you collect the order in person or using a courier you hired without our involvement.

What is the VAT charge for your products?

When selling to clients outside of Poland, in accordance with the EU laws regulating intra-community delivery of goods and customs guidelines, no VAT applies to clients within European Union, and a 0% rate applies to clients from outside EU. For tax purposes, all of products and services are classified as advertising services, not food goods, and as a result, for customers without a designated VAT EU number, the VAT charge is 23%.

Can I receive samples of your products?

Of course. Upon your request, we can send you samples of any product (in a sample-scale quantity) free of charge, as long as we have spare pieces in stock at the time. All you need to do is to send us the names or catalogue numbers of desired items, the name of your firm (as per rule, we do not send samples to individuals) and the shipping adress. The delivery will be carried out by UPS courier. Please note that we reserve the right to charge you if you request a larger quantity of sample pieces.

How can I place an order?

Orders are accepted only in written form. Each order should include:

  • name and/or item numbers of the products ordered
  • quantity
  • preferred delivery date / shipment date
  • your company’s full name and adress for the invoice
  • delivery adress (including: company name, full adress with postcode, phone, contact person)
  • valid EU VAT number

Every order is confirmed by e-mail by our Export Manager or an authorised staff member. If you don’t receive such a confirmation within 2 working days, please contact us immediately.

Your order should also come with an attached graphic file (e.g. a logo, text or other content you wish to place on the items) in PDF, AI or EPS file format. The graphic files have to include a brief or short description of how the final artwork should look like.

How do I pay for your items?

For the first few orders from our new Clients, we ask for a full payment in advance based on a proforma invoice. As our cooperation develops further, we start issuing bank transfer invoices with a 7-14 day payment deadline. We reserve the right to uphold a permanent upfront payment requirement for clients that fail to pay within the time indicated in our invoices.

What is the order lead / fulfillment time?

Lead / fulfillment time for your order can be found in your individualy-prepared price offer that you receive from us. It depends on several factors: the selected product, printing or branding method, and the ordered quantity. This time usually varies from few business days to few weeks. Please remember that the final delivery date also depends on the additional transport time, which is individually estimated and presented in your price offer, based on the country / region of destination and selected shipping method.  If you need a short fulfillment time, we recommend items with digitally printed packaging, as it is our fastest available branding method.

Can I order items from outside of your regular offer?

Yes. We are always open to our Clients’ ideas and needs, and we often design new items for specific orders. Feel free to inquire us if your idea can be fulfilled. We especially recommend chocolate items that can be created in unique shapes tailored to your order. We have a full production line for chocolate-based products, as well as our own workshop for chocolate form / mold production, which makes it easy for us to create customised items from this range.

Can I receive a visualisation of my item?

Item artworks and visualisations are prepared by our graphic team after a binding order is placed with us. As per rule, we do not prepare artworks at the price offer stage. You can request adjustments and corrections for your received artwork, but please remember that delaying the artwork confirmation for too long may affect your original order fulfillment time.

If you prefer to prepare the artwork on your own or with the help of an outside graphic designer, we can provide an artwork template for all of our items.

Can I receive your newsletter?

Yes. In order to receive updates about our special offers and new items, you need sign up for our Sweet Newsletter. To do so, please use the registration window at the bottom of our website. Write your e-mail adress, choose whether you are a direct client or a reseller agency and click the “subscribe” button.