About us

We serve over 7000 business customers in more than 20 countries.

Siedziba B&B

What do we do?

Our company operates under two main brands, in two areas of business:

B&B Promotional Sweets! is one of Poland’s leading brands of sweets and other food products designed for promotional uses by companies and public instiutions. Since 1997, we have delivered sweet and creative promotional solutions to over 6 00 businesss Customers in Poland and over 20 other countries in Europe. We work for renown corporations, local council and governmental institutions, but also for small and medium companies. We serve great international brands,we deliver sweets for the biggest events, but we are also happy to assist our Customers in building ther positive image on a smaller scale: in their region, town or neighbourhood. We enjoy particularly close business relationships with resellers, who are key group of our partners. Our standard offer includes over 400 products, but we find great joy in developing new ideas inspired by our Customers. And our special treat? Chocolate! The real one! 

Who we are - our values

We are a family business,

established in 1982 and run to this day by the Błaszczak family, currently the founders Andrzej and Krystyna and their sons Jarosław and Kamil. But there’s more to it. We also make sure it feels like family among all of our Staff Members, we also try to make our Customers, Partners and Suppliers feel the same. We enjoy our work, we like each other and we like to share that with others 🙂

We work in advertising,

which means we share the best qualities of our business: creativity, flexibility and individual approach towards each Customer. During our over 30 years in business we developed our own design, print, storage, production and transport facilities. Shortly speaking: we execute very many stages of your orders under one roof, which happends to be our own one. This allows us to respond to your sweet needs quickly and with a full service offer.

We are profesionals

and we know that quality of products and services comes only from accuracy, knowledge, experience and creativity at each stage of work. We produce unique chocolate gadgets using the same supplies and equipment as chocolatiers in Belgium and Switzerland. All our production is organised in accordance with strict EU food safety regulations, including HACCP rules. Customer Service is based on a modern CRM system.