Bakallino Box


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Product No.: 07.07
Weight 250 g
Box size
Minimum order quantity

50 pcs.

Shelf life

3 months

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Chocolate box containing 9 milk chocolates with dried fruits

  • the set can include chocolates selected by the Client from the currently available dried fruit types: cherry, kiwi, raspberry, almond, chocolate mix, coconut, strawberry, nut, currant
  • available chocolate types: milk 44% (in standard), milk 33%, dessert 55% (after inquiry), white or bitter 75% (for extra fee)
  • gold or silver resting tray for the chocolates
  • cardboard box with opening flap available with:
    – CMYK or 1-4c Pantone promotional print
    – logos and texts embossed on gold / silver cardboard
    – logos and texts hot-stamped on decorative cardboard (list of available foil and cardboard colors after inquiry)