Unless specifically agreed otherwise, the following terms apply to all orders placed at our company.

Plase note this latest version of our terms of service applies to all orders scheduled for shipment in 2015. For orders delivered in 2014, some procedures may be slightly different, especially regarding financial documents. Please consult our staff for details. 


The export services of our company are available for Customers based in the European Union (except Poland), paying in Euro currency.  If your company is based in Poland, please consult the Polish version of our website or contact our staff.


All inquiries should be submitted in written form to export@promotionalsweets.pl Please always include the following information in your inquiry: names and/or item numbers of the products you are interested in, quantity, number of colours that you plan to you use. For some products (e.g. custom-made chocolates) a preliminary artwork may also be needed to prepare an offer. All offers are prepared and sent in written form. The offers are valid for 14 days – after this period, please contact our staff again to make sure all the information are still valid. PSI Members and other international resellers may also receive an access link to our export price list – please contact our staff for details. Unless stated otherwise, all offers are in Euro currency.

In most cases, our offers consist of three major elements: unit price, set up cost and transport price (if applicable).


Samples of our products are available free of charge, provided the product concerned is available in our samples stock. If the products is temporarily unavailable, we will send you samples of a similar product and/or high resolution pictures of the product itself. Samples are usually sent as priority postal parcels, carried by the Polish Post and the national postal company in your country. They can also be sent a messenger parcel with a company of your choice, but in such case they are transported at your expense.


Orders are accepted only in written form, as e-mail or in paper version. We recommend using our standard order form. Each order should include:

  • name and/or item numbers of the products ordered
  • quantity
  • preferred delivery date / shipment date
  • your company’s full name and address for the invoice
  • delivery address (including: company name, full address with postcode, phone, contact person)
  • valid EU VAT number

Every order is confirmed by e-mail by our Export Manager or an authorised staff member. If you don’t receive such a confirmation within 2 working days, please contact us immediately.

Realization of your order begins immediately after sending the order confirmation by our office staff, even in case of up-front payments (a missing pre-payment stops the dispatch of the goods, but not their production). A later resignation from the order may result in an obligation to pay part or whole agreed order value due to material and labour costs already incurred in relation to your order by the time of the resignation.


Artwork for the order needs to be sent together with order or shortly afterwards. We do not prepare artwork during the quotation stage. If you would like to prepare a preliminary design of the product on your own, artwork templates for all products all available from our staff. The templates are our copyrighted industrial property, and as such can’t be freely redistributed or used for purposes not related to the placed order. You can also just send us materials such as logo, texts etc. and leave the rest to our designers. We accept artwork via e-mail, on FTP servers (please provide a link and, if applicable, login and password) and on physical drives (CD, DVD, USB drives, memory cards) sent by post or messenger.  Our Design Department uses mainly the Adobe Creative Cloud software and therefore the artwork should be sent in one of the following file formats: AI, EPS, PDF. You can also send us TIFF or JPEG files, but if that’s the case, make sure they are at least 300 dpi. Please convert all texts to curves before sending in order to avoid problems with fonts. Please define all colours in Pantone Matching Scale numbers or as CMYK settings in the files. If the colour numbers or samples are not provided, our printing machine operators will print your order according to their personal judgement.

After our designers finish their work, the artwork is sent to you for your final approval. Please feel free to send any comments or requests for changes that you may have. The standard order price includes preparation of up to three versions of the artwork. However, please note no changes can be made to the arwork after you have submitted your final approval. The artwork of the delivered product cannot be subject to complaint, as long as there no differences between the delivered version and the approved version. Delays in artwork approval may result in delayed shipping and delivery of the order, for which we will not take responsibility.


Each order confirmation (as described above) has a preliminary financial document attached to it. We issue two types of such documents: proforma invoices and financial confirmations (also known as cost estimates). Proforma invoices are issued whenever an advance payment is required. This is always the case with new Customers placing their first order. Advance payment can also be required of Customers who delayed their previous payment beyond the date specified on the invoice, or Customers who work with us irregularly. Proforma invoice needs to be paid for before the goods are shipped, lack of such payment blocks the shipment and we can’t be held responsible for delays caused by that. Regular Customers, who are entitled to pay for their goods within a fixed time period after delivery, receive financial confirmations (cost estimates), instead of proforma invoices. This type of document does not require payment, it is issued just for information purposes.

Both types of abovementioned documents list all the costs of the order: unit prices of products, set up costs (if they apply) and transport costs (if they apply). They also include all the details of the Customer, in particular their full name, adress and EU VAT number. They also include the date when the payment is due. Any errors found on the documents should be reported immediately.

Once the order is completed, a final invoice is issued. We also issue a delivery confirmation, in accordance with rules of the intra-community supply of goods within EU, as required by Polish tax law. Both these documents are sent to you either as e-mail or in paper version, according to your choice. We always kindly request you to print, sign, scan and send us back (as an e-mail or in paper verson) the delivery confirmation. All our Export Customers are exempted from the Polish VAT tax, but they are obliged to settle VAT for our transactions in their country, in accordance with local regulations.

All the documents described above are issued billingually. In standard the two languages are Polish and English. However, we try as much as we can to issue at least some documents in the languages of our Customers. Our accounting system currently uses around half of the EU official languages, including all the major ones, so it may also be the case, that you will receive some documents in Polish and in your own language.


All products can be collected by your driver or by a transport company of your choice, hired at your expense, from our headquarters in Milanowek, Poland (postcode: 05822). When ordering the collection at a transport company, please let us know about all the details (date of collection, company name etc.) as early as possible.

We also offer transport services provided by our transport partners: UPS for parcels and Raben Group for pallettes. The service covers all the European Union Member States (as well as non-EU states for parcels) and you can choose any delivery adress within this area. Please note detailed delivery adress has to be included in every order. The transport cost depends on products, quantity and destination. It is included in every offer that we prepare for you. Please note that delivery to some adresses (very remote places, e.g. small islands etc.) may be charged extra. If you think your delivery adress may fall into this category, please send us the postcode and we will verify that. Please note that all estimated transport times mentioned in our offers are given in working days. The shipment day is always counted as day 0, so day 1 is the first working day after shipment.

All our parcels and pallettes are insured. However, all damage has to be reported on spot to the delivering driver. That’s why please always remember to examine all the parcels/pallettes very carefully on delivery, before the driver leaves. This should include a general inspection of the parcels/palletes, as well as detailed check of randomly chosen pieces of the products, from as many boxes as possible. If you see any damage, request immediately a damage protocol to be written down by the driver. Every driver should always have a standard protocol form with him. Please note no complaints about the damaged products will be accepted unless a copy or scan of the damage protocol is provided to us.

Our transport procedures follow Incoterms: Incoterms DAP when we organise the delivery, and Incoterms EXW when the delivery is organised by the client.


All complaints about our products and/or service should be sent in written form, by e-mail, fax or letter. If possible and aplicable, please include documents (e.g. damage protocol from the transport company) and/or photos (e.g. of the damaged products) to help us understand the problem better. We’ll do our best to solve the problem as soon as possible. If we confirm there was any mistake or fault on our side, you will be offered one of the following ways of compensation: partial or full refund, repeat ed production of the order, free or discounted production of another order with the same value. Please note that return of the products may be required before the compensation. We will not pay any compensation higher than the value of the order concerned.


If you have any questions regarding out terms of service and you can’t find the answer above, please contact us.