Vesta Set 04.08


Additional information

Product No.: 04.08
Weight 120 g
Chocolates per box

10 pcs.

Box size

310 x 55 x 29 mm

Shelf life

2 months

Minimum order quantity

100 pcs

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10 pralines made of milky – 44% cocoa Belgian chocolate.

  • 5 shapes and 8 praline flavours available
  • currently available filling flavours: champagne, amaretto, walnut, coffee, vanilla, mint, strawberry, caramel
  • filling with a drop of alcohol
  • different flavours or non – alcoholized fillings available after inquiry
  • after inquiry also available with: milk chocolate 33%, dessert chocolate 55%, white chocolate (additional fee applies), dark chocolate 70% (additional fee applies)
  • white or black curlpapers
  • 2-piece elongated box available in three versions:
    white cardboard with full colour print (CMYK or 1-4 solid Pantone colours)
    gold or silver metallized cardboard with embossed (inwards or outwards) logos and motifs
    matte cardboard (black, etc.) with logos printed by hot-stamping
  • box tied with a decorative ribbon (many colours available)