Tea Set 05.13


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Product No.: 05.13
Box size

ca 220x160x80 mm

Minimum order quantity

50 pcs.

Shelf life

2 months

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Elegant set of 6 different tea types

  • two possible variants:

-leaf tea 6x25g: green with raspberry, green with orange, green with prickly pear, Earl Grey with orange, black with orange and quince, black with peach and apricot

-tea in bags 6×14 bags: black, green, rosehip with raspberry, mint, forest fruit, black with lemon

  • leaf teas packed in transparent polybags with round sticker with promotional print (CMYK) attached to each bag; tea in bags with retail print (Loyd)
  • packed in a wooden chest with metal closing filled with hay
  • laser engraving on the top of the lid
  • box ties with a satin ribbon – several colours available