Santa and His Reindeers Set 21.36


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Product No.: 21.36
Weight 190 g
Box size

315 x 122 x 21 mm

Shelf life

2 months

Minimum order quantity

50 pcs.

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Set of hand-made Christmas chocolates in the shape of Santa Claus and reindeers

  • one Santa Claus and four reindeers in each set
  • figurines made of milk chocolate (44% cocoa) and decorated with white chocolate
  • chocolates placed on gold or silver tray
  • 2-piece cardboard box available in three branding versions:
    – white cardboard with full colour print (CMYK or 1-4 solid Pantone colours)
    – gold or silver metallized cardboard with embossed logos and motifs
    – matte cardboard (black dark blue, etc.) with logos printed by hot-stamping