Lindor Set 28.04


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Product No.: 28.04
Weight 290 g
Box size

232x232x32 mm

Shelf life

2 months

Minimum order quantity

100 pcs.

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The masterpiece of Lindt’s Maitre Chocolatier – chocolate box with phenomenal Lindor pralines.

  • 12 excellent-quality pralines made of Lindt chocolate with smooth, delicious fillings
  • gold resting tray for the pralines
  • original Lindt & Sprungli packaging and elegant cardboard box available in three versions:
    white cardboard with full colour print (CMYK or 1-4 solid Pantone colours)
    gold or silver metallized cardboard with embossed (inwards or outwards) logos and motifs
    matte cardboard (black, etc.) with logos printed by gold or silver hot-stamping
  • satine ribbon emphasizing the unique gift nature of the set (many colours available)