Chocolate Baubles “3 in 1” Set 21.32


Additional information

Product No.: 21.32
Weight 330 g
Średnica/Waga bombki

68 mm / 100 g

Box size

262 x 82 x 96 mm

Shelf life

2 months

Minimum order quantity

100 pcs.

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Set of 3  baubles made of high-quality Belgian chocolate with ribbons molded on both sides.

  • baubles made of milk 33%, milk 44%, dessert 55% chocolate (available as one selected type or mix)
  • white and dark 75% cocoa chocolate avaialble after inquiry (additional fee applies)
  • see-through holding blisters, securing and exposing the baubles in the box
  • box made of:
    – white cardboard with 1-4c Pantone / CMYK promotional print
    – gold / silver cardboard with embossed logos and texts
    – matte cardboard (black, dark blue etc.) with gold or silver hot-stamping