Christmas Set BN2 28.17


Additional information

Product No.: 28.17
Net / gross weight

195/420 g

Box size

180x125x80 mm

Wrap size

73×440 mm

Minimum order quantity

50 pcs

Shelf life

12 months (honey and jam); 24 months (coffee and tea)

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  • luxurious gift set for special occasions
  • each set contains: 50g leaf tea in foil bag (black tea with apple, cinnamon, nuts, orange peel, and almonds), 65g ground coffee in polybag, 40g of orange jam, 40g of linden honey
  • digital print (CMYK) on stickers placed on tea and coffee bags; jam and honey with labels with manufacturers’ logo and ingredients in Polish
  • jam and honey jars with branding on paper wrappers available after inquiry
  • items packed in brown cardboard box filled with hay (wood wool)
  • cardboard sleeve with full colour digital print (CMYK) placed on every box