Chocolate Varieties Mini 15.32


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Product No.: 15.32
Box size

55x55x55 mm

Net / gross weight

70-105 / 85-120g

Minimum order quantity

200 pcs

Shelf life

6 months

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Various delicacies covered with delicious milk, dessert, white or orange chocolate

  • available types: hazelnuts in milk chocolate with coffee, hazelnuts in white chocolate with cinnamon, hazelnuts in white chocolate with matcha tea, hazelnuts in orange chocolate, almonds in milk chocolate, almonds in orange chocolate, raisins in milk chocolate with chilli, coffee in milk chocolate, puffed rice in mix of chocolates
  • packed in transparent boxes
  • cardboard “cap” with full colour promotional print on top of each box
  • box tied with satin ribbon in several available colours