4 Mentos Drops In Blisters 12.03


Additional information

Product No.: 12.03
Weight 16 g
Box size

63 x 63 x 12 mm

Blister size

60 x 60 x 10 mm

Shelf life

12 months

Minimum order quantity

500 pcs.

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4 original Mentos drops packed in square blisters.

  • white mint drops or fruit drops in mix of colours and flavours
  • blisters sealed with silver pharmaceutical foil (not branded)
  • 1-2c “wallpaper” print on the foil available with larger orders (extra fee applies)
  • cardboard box with a window and with CMYK or 1-4c Pantone promotional print
  • also available in gold / silver cardboard box with embossed logos and graphics
  • leaflets provided by the client can be packed inside the box