Gingerbreads in Pouches with Wishcards


Additional information

Product No.: 09.13
Weight 165 g

100×90 mm at the base

Number of cookies

8 pcs.

Label dimensions

75×55 mm after assembling

Shelf life

6 months

Minimum order quantity

200 pcs.

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Delicious glace gingerbreads with fruit filling packed in transparent foil pouche

  • tied with ribbon in one of several available colours
  • wishcard with 4+1 colour promotional print e.g. with holiday wishes and logo attached to every pouch
  • also available with wishcards made of gold or silver matallized cardboard with embossing
  • available product variants: glace gingerbreads, ca. 120g, 8 pcs. ; gingerbreads in chocolate (after inquiry)