12 Chewing Gums in Blister


Additional information

Product No.: 14.03
Weight 22 g
Box size

104x74x12 mm

Blister size

100×70 mm

Shelf life

10 months

Minimum order quantity

500 pcs. (digital print, offset print)

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12 original sugarfree Orbit chewing gums

  • packed in transparent blisters sealed with aluminum foil
  • inside cardboard boxes with promotional print
  • for larger orders the aluminum foil can include promotional print (1-2 colours) (additional fee applies)
  • available flavours: strongmint, spearmint, other flavours after inquiry
  • also available in boxes made of gold, silver or holographic silver cardboard with logos, graphics and texts embossed directly into the box

* Due to visual similarity to medical drugs and existing regulations on sweets promoting medicine, the graphical design must indicate that the box contains sweets and not medical drugs.