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B&B as co-organiser of 2nd Gathering of Successors

Between 30th June and 2nd July, the second Gathering of Successors took place in Olandia compound in the Land of 100 Lakes in Wielkopolskie province. The event was jointly organised by 12 firms from all over Poland, with B&B Promotional Sweets amog them.

The Gathering is an annual meeting designed to share experience, network, and integrate the successors of family companies, that is, owners in the second, third, or further generation that work in the firms together with their parents and are slowly taking over the management from them. The agenda includes presentations, prelections and training sessions prepared by the successors for one another. Another important part of the Gathering is the Successor Ball with a contest for the most creative costume. The meeting always ends with a charity event, during which this year the participants aided a local shelter for homeless animals.

During this year’s meeting, our company was represented by both of our successors: Jarosław (executive manager) and Kamil (management assistant) Blaszczak. Full coverage of the event will appear soon.